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A Bell for the Cat (Belling the Cat Story with Moral)

Here you’ll read another of Aesop’s fables. It is about a cat this cat was giving the mice a big problem. It was catching and eating many of the mice daily.

Very sadly, the poor mice would say :
What can we do?”
What can we do?”
They were all very sad and unhappy.
One day, one of the older mice called a meeting

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He said we must find some way to solve our problem. how can we keep that hungry cat from catching any more of us?

Each one in the meeting talking and talking and talking.  None could think of any good way to solve the problem. At last, a little mouse stood up. I know what to do, he said. 
Tell us quick! Tell us quick!  shouted all the others. 

Then stop shouting and listen,  said the little mouse.  The cat makes no noise when it comes. It is so quiet. It comes quietly and catches one of us. We can’t hear any sound of its paws. I think we should put a bell around the cat’s neck. Thus we can hear when it comes. we can then easily run for safety.
How wise! How wise! Shouted one.

We’re saved! We’re saved! Shouted another.
We’ll put a bell on the cat! Shouted all the other.
All the mice began to shout with joy
Among them, there was a quiet old mouse.
He stood up and looked at the little mouse.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

That is a good idea, he said. a bell on the cat! Yes, a bell on the cat! But just tell me who will bell the cat! 
At once, the room became all quiet.
Yes, tell us who will bell the cat!
Everyone looked at the little mouse.
Not I said the little mouse and ran out of the room
Not I  said another and ran out of the room 
Not I said  a third and ran out of the room 
One By One, all the mice ran out of the room 
No one was ready to bell the cat.

A Bell for the Cat Moral Of the Story:  Most Things Are Easier Said Than Done.              

A Bell for the Cat Moral of the Story: Most Things Are Easier Said Than Done.

A Bell for the Cat Story Questions and Answers -

What is the moral of the story bell the cat?

Most Things Are Easier Said Than Done. 

What does bell the cat mean?

This relatively old idiom means to perform a dangerous or a risky task. When you ask someone 'Who is going to bell the cat?', you wish to know as to which individual has the courage to do something dangerous.

Who will put the bell on the cat?

Answer - The idiom bell the cat comes from a fable attributed to Aesop called the Mice in Council. In the fable, a group of mice decides that the best way to deal with a murderous cat is to put a bell around his neck so that he can no longer sneak up on the mice.

Who will bell the cat asked an old mouse?


Why did the mice hold a meeting?

Answer - The mice held a meeting because many mice died.

Who wrote belling the cat?

Aesop is the author of the Belling the cat story.

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